Thierry Farges - the founder of SPBL - is continuing the family tradition. As silviculturists, forestry operators, sawmillers and then planers, the Farges family has played an active role in developing the timber industry in the Limousin region of France.
Down through the generations, SPBL has driven these trades forward by seeking to exploit timber at the local level. By limiting the amount of transportation and by promoting economic development through job creation, SPBL has completely integrated the notion of sustainable development. The company is also committed to ISO 14001 certification for the systematic control of sources of environmental damage.

Thanks to these values, SPBL is promising future generations that it will: Continue its involvement in researching and developing new natural products that will reduce human impacts on the environment. Develop employment in our rural regions, share our values of solidarity and support the world environmental protection organisation, the WWF.

Ecological aspects and "healthy living" are becoming key criteria that must be integrated into construction more and more each day.

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