Description of technical facilities :

The site covers an area of 17,416 m², consisting of a roofed storage area of approximately 1,100 m3, a waterproof storage platform, dryer, offices, an oleothermy plant (only three sites in France possess this type of process) and a 1,477m² production building. The main building houses mechanisation: an ultra-modern Sheiteck stacking and unstacking machine ensuring the automatic supply and transfer of timber, a Stenner ripsaw and a Weinig moulding machine with 11 tool holders and a maximum production speed of 100 m/minute. There is also a Reinhardt length-cutting saw and a Selaski double end tenoning machine.

A 100% sustainable development production site :

- Use of the Egletons municipal biomass heating system for drying the timber.

- Environmentally friendly ecological hot linseed oil timber treatment.

- Collection of shavings in watertight semi trailers.

- Implementation of waste reprocessing systems.

- Commitment to ISO 14001 certification for the systematic control of sources of environmental damage.

- Use of wood originating from PEFC-certified sawmills, a standard that guarantees sustainable forestry management.

- Subscription to a contract with EDF - the French electricity supplier - guaranteeing our use of a 100% green power source.

-After evaluation, SPBL benefits from the certificate of conformity with the marking CE for its products (CE n°1973-CPD-109).

Statement of performance CE

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